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El Monte's history 

About El Monte

El Monte’s first permanent residents arrived in 1849-50, a time when thousands of prospectors and immigrant pioneers came to California seeking gold. Few found wealth in the gold, but some found the riches of a fertile land and built homes.  Learn more.


About the Museum


The El Monte Historical Museum now occupies the town's former public library. Period furniture, clothing, household items and photographs are among the displays, many dating back to the late 19th century. An early 1900s schoolroom and Victorian-era parlor are replicated. Learn more.

About the El Monte Historical Society

The El Monte Historical Society was formed July 8,1958, to encourage and promote the study of history in its relation to the population and development of El Monte,California, and surrounding San Gabriel Valley. Learn more.


Former El Monte Public Library

El Monte Hotel, 1870


Downtown El Monte, circa 1950

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