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Gay's Lion Farm

1924 - Mr. and Mrs. Charles Gay establish Gay's Lion Farm bringing unique international fame to El Monte.


1926 - Gay's Lion Farm was the scene of many gatherings, including one attended by 600 members and guest of The National editorial Association.


1933 - Mrs. Franklin D. Roosevelt and her son, Elliot, visited Gay's Lion Farm. They were among many notable and famous people who journeyed to El Monte for this attraction. The Gay's entertained several movie, opera, and stage stars.


1941 - At the start of World War II, Gay's Lion Farm closed due to the lack of horse-meat to feed the lions. The lions were given to zoos, circuses, and shows across the country. Only two very old lions were put to sleep.


And now Gay's Lion Farm, the only one of its kind in the world, is part of our El Monte History.

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