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About the Museum


The El Monte Historical Museum is a Spanish Morrish style building of approximately 5,000 square feet displaying the artifacts and history of the El Monte area. 











Our collections:


Gay’s Lion Farm: pictures and artifacts for Gay’s Lion Farm which was in El Monte from 1923 until World War II.


Heritage Room: Antique furniture, glassware, clothing ,and pictures of early residents and walnut growers.


Pioneer Room: Lamps, typewriters, dolls, toys, books, quilts, army medals, bibles, swords, and a letter written by George Washington.


Frontier Room: Early-days police and fire hats, badges, guns, 1911 Model T ford, old tools, Native American artifact and a recreated police office.


Lexington Room: Divided into small rooms, depicting turn-of-the century stores and merchants. 

General Store: stocked with old merchandise.

Barber Shop: a barber chair with haircutting implements.

Music Shop: ukeleles, violins, and a victrola.

Dressmaker Shop: dresses, combs, handbags, and sewing machines.

Schoolhouse: set-up with desks, maps, schoolwork, etc.

House: living room, bedroom kitchen, and library. 



Stop by and Visit our Museum!


Then: Former El Monte Public Library

Now: El Monte Historical Museum

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